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This Summer You want to feel good and create magic and miracles in your life. Abraham talks about getting yourself in the Vortex. Deepak calls it the Quantum field. Dr. Joe Dispenza calls it the field of limitless possibilities. In my book, Life Shift, I talk about vibrating up into your Field of Love. In short, we’re all saying the same thing. With that said, getting into this manifesting “zone” isn’t always easy. We all have resistance and can get stuck. We often don’t realize that our beliefs can stifle our progress. We want great things to happen “but” then add a contradiction. It’s easy at times to feel uneasy about the future.

The key to your future Success lies in your thinking.

Your thoughts create vibration and build momentum. Whatever you focus on will increase. When we’re feeling badly it takes us down to a lower frequency. When we’re happy and having fun we generate a high vibrational rate.  That vibrational contrast of energy shows us what we want.

In my work as an intuitive life coach, I help people “Life Shift” from feeling disempowered to being super charged. In each session as an energy healer you will clear, shift and re-create a new positive belief system.  Your new positive belief system will now imprint and vibrate at the highest frequency in every cell of your body.  The key is to shift up to loving yourself and others unconditionally.  A client came in this week with lingering trauma. His isolation and being removed from his once vibrant lifestyle shut down who he was. By channeling the healing power of the light he became the energetic, creative person that he once was. He was able to reconnect with his higher self once again to reimagine his future.

As we move into August and the end of summer, I invite you all to keep working to lift your vibrational rate. Focus positively on what you want every single day, in every circumstance, so it becomes a natural part of who you are. Remember, to let go of what you don’t want, shift UP and vibrate  on what you do want, as if it’s already happened.