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Relationships & Marriage

Relationships & Marriage

New York City Relationship Coaching

NEW! Finding a Partner in the Pandemic 

With Aleta’s remarkable energy healing work you will put you in a high state of magnetic attraction revving up your ability to pull in and attract your vibrational match. Her premise is: self love creates loving relationships. 

She deals with a myriad of different issues including commitment issues, letting go of past resentments and traumas, breaking through the murky waters of miscommunication, creating trust, financial issues, and emotionally reconnecting after traumas and betrayals.

By working with her to clear your own personal blocks, keeping you from loving yourself, your body, and appreciating who you are before you can attract your complimentary match. This is her breakthrough process to self-love. You will be in a state where you become the person you want to attract. 

Aleta  has had incredible success aiding in people meeting their vibrational match and getting married. In some cases she ends up officiating many of her clients’ weddings. Aleta was featured in the New York Time’s and People Magazine for officiating ceremonies for her celebrity clients.

NEW! Navigating the Pandemic with a Partner

For many, the real challenge during this time is living with your partner in close quarters. And if you add restless children to the mix, it can be a real source of stress. This type of dynamic with few or no breaks is never easy. However, it’s possible to have a breakthrough and bring your relationship to a better place than it was, even before the pandemic. 

Aleta is able to accomplish the same with partners during virtual sessions as she would during couples sessions in her studio. She reads the subconscious and conscious blocks, where they are, and what is being projected onto your partner. Aleta brings these blocks to light and shifts them to allow couples to recreate a whole new understanding and find solutions to re-energize their love and move forward.

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