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An exciting new moon is in Aquarius on Feb 1st, along with the Chinese Lunar New Year bringing in the Year of The Tiger. This cosmic shift kicks off incredible energy for Revving Up The Power Of Your Magnetic Attraction!! 

If you are in vibrational alignment, it promises to bring massive opportunity.  

The cosmic powers finally aligned after Venus, the planet of love, went retrograde on Dec 19th, and Mercury, the planet of communication, went retrograde Jan 14th. It’s been a very challenging time for many.

However, the good news is now, as of Feb 3rd, it’s full steam ahead to attract all things new and wonderful into your life magnetically, such as profound love, tremendous support, and exciting romance!! The retro’s are over, and the new energies are ready to slingshot you forward. 

Step One:

Get into your closets and drawers and living spaces (if you haven’t already), eliminating what you no longer need and want. This purge will make room for magnetically attracting new positive experiences in relationships, finances, and careers. However, don’t stop there!

Keep going because you have bigger fish to fry! 

Step Two:

If you want the super cosmic accelerated life shift, the key is to work in concert with cleaning and sorting out your emotional, physical, and mental bodies. The bodies can house traumas and negative belief systems that no longer serve you and block your ability to make room for the new. Clearing these subconscious and conscious beliefs will allow you to attract love, success, joy, and fulfillment. In my book Life Shift, I explain the four bodies in-depth (link below). 

In my own life and work with my clients, I find it essential to create high vibrations in every aspect of your life to get the most significant successes. When everything is incongruity and harmony, it will work for you to magnetically attract the matching frequencies at higher levels of your three bodies. 

The 4th one is your higher spiritual self! This connection is your gateway to create and manifest all your dreams, desires, and destiny.
Sounds amazing? It is!! 

I am the proof, and you can be too!

Step Three:

If this calls to you and you are ready to step into the next level in becoming a super creator and manifestor, join me and others who are committed to skyrocketing their life forward in a two-hour seminar on February 12, 2022 from 2 pm-4 pm est. (CLICK HERE TO JOIN)

In this transformative seminar, I will support you in transcending blocks that have subconsciously and consciously stood in your way. 

Sign up now as space is limited! 

This month I’d like for you to keep this affirmation present.

I AM… magnetically attracting all I desire and deserve. 

A profound love, tremendous support, and exciting romance now!