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Guided Meditations You Can Use Anywhere

Guided Meditations You Can Use Anywhere

Private Agelessness Session With Aleta St. James


This powerful active meditation, Aleta will lead you through your seven energy centers using breath, light, and the powerful of healing drums to release negative energy and say positive affirmations to lock in the energy into each chakra.

This Aleta’s signature foundational meditation to create a life shift. This is the spiritual prescription she recommends to everyone!

This energizing, active 15 minute meditation connects your spiritual body with your physical body, and allows you to access the power of your chakras to create what you desire and deserve.


Having a loving and harmonious relationship between the masculine and feminine energies within yourself helps attract the same energy in your life. This meditation helps balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Do you find that you’re giving more than you’re receiving? If you’ve had trouble forming strong personal and romantic relationships, it’s probably because of an inner imbalance between your yin and yang- your masculine and feminine energies. Your relationship with yourself reflects what you attract and experience in the outside world.

Aleta’s powerful guided meditation will create harmony between the highest aspects of your feminine and masculine energies so that they support each other to create an empowering internal relationship of unconditional self love.


Aleta created Power Chants to clear and empower energy with music and ancient mantras related to each specific chakra. You join in as Aleta leads you in reciting these sacred sounds to help break through blocks and empower the unique energy of each chakra to resonate to its highest potential.

As you reinforce the positive vibration within each chakra center, you will reprogram your DNA to create new and positive beliefs systems. By doing this energy workout regularly, the more you will amplify the ability of the chakras to support you in manifesting deeper joy, fulfillment and success in life.

Created in tandem with Chakra Balance for the Equinox Wellness program.


Do you have difficulty quieting and focusing your mind during meditation? Aleta created Inner Passage specifically to fast track you to the meditative state of Alpha.

In this high vibrational meditation, Aleta’s powerful healing energy is channeled through her voice as she sings a manifestation chant that will fast track you to being in resonance with what you want to create and feeling like you already have it.


If you are effected by the challenges of daily living and financial stress, this 20 minute meditation will be a life shifter for you. In it, Aleta uses the spiritual tools of breath, light, and her healing transmissions to help you clear subconscious and conscious stress and worry about finances.

You can use this meditation daily to shift you up to a consciousness of abundant manifestation that will allow you to create financial freedom and overflow.


In this Quick Shift meditation, Aleta’s healing voice guides you through breath, light, and color immersion to help release stress and empower you to be more productive and energetic throughout your day. This is a great introduction to Aleta’s body of work, and a powerful way to release stress throughout a hectic day!



Love Yourself – Meditation Intensives

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$120.00 $125.00

Free Energy Healing Meditations

These free meditations are great samples of Aleta’s powerful intensives and longer meditations. You can create shift with these short, simple exercises!

Shift Into Greater Love & Romance

Let Us All Be Ageless Gods & Goddesses!

Energy Healing in the REAL World

Shift To Financial Abundance!

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