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People are always shocked when they find out that I’m in my 70s, that I had twins at 57, and that I still have just as much energy today as I did at 35. Getting older doesn’t have to mean deteriorating or giving up on the new possibilities of life!” –Aleta St. James”

 What is Aleta St. James’ secret? How can she look so young with 16 year old twins, a thriving practice, and living in New York City?

 The answer is through the way she has learned to shift energy. In fact the more challenges she faces the younger she looks!

Aleta’s techniques empower you to clear, shift and recreate your future from the present. It unleashes your ability to regenerate constantly, and gives you ageless energy.
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Letting go of negative blocks allows emotional, mental, and spiritual energies to flow into rejuvenating yourself and creating with the magic of unlimited possibilities. Aleta has studied the secrets of release work and established the idea of CLEAR, SHIFT, RECREATE.

This allows her to live in the creative possibility of now and the unlimited potential of the future.

20 years ago, Aleta claimed that she would live to be 120. Today, that has become a medical and scientific possibility that she plans to make a reality.


“I loved your agelessness meditations- I’m no longer letting common societal ideas of aging stand in the way of my dreams!”
— Ed F, Author

Unlocking Agelessness



Unlocking Agelessness Meditation

Aleta gave birth to twins at 57 years old and still feels and looks strong today at 71 years old. This is possible for you, too.

This meditation provides your essential spiritual nutrition for living agelessly. Through Aleta’s energy transmissions and power mantras, you’ll defy the negative programming and limitations society has conditioned you to believe about aging. You’ll come into alignment with your body’s natural anti-aging and regeneration power, and reinforce it the more you work with the program. Get ready to wind up!

Agelessness Affirmations



Agelessness Affirmations

Used in conjunction with the Embrace Agelessness meditation, these affirmations are designed to sustain your feeling of agelessness and living freely.

Unlocking Agelessness Package



Meditation Package for Living Agelessly

The complete Unlocking Agelessness program for redefining your existence. This package includes three meditations—Chakra Balance, Inner Balance, Unlocking Agelessness—as well as Agelessness Affirmations.

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