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About Aleta

Aleta St. James – Internationally Acclaimed Energy Healer and Life Coach

Shift your energy, shift your life with the transformative power and Life Shifting techniques of Aleta St. James, energy healer and intuitive life coach. 

Based in New York, NY, Aleta St. James uses her unique Life Shift healing system to harness the manifesting power of her clients to bring about fulfillment of their dreams, desires, and destinies.

Aleta St. James is an internationally renowned energy healer, gifted intuitive and life coach. She has always been a dynamo, a ground breaker, and transformational force ahead of her time.

Aleta made International news when she gave birth to twins at 57. Her children, Gian and Francesca, have now turned 19 and are on the road to creating their lives from passion and purpose. A successful author of Life Shift: Let Go and Live Your Dreams; Aleta St James has been featured on major media including The Today Show, NBC’s Dateline with Katie Couric, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer, The Real Housewives of New York, and the cover of New York magazine.

Aleta has traveled the globe studying with spiritual masters in the Temples of southern India, central Brazil, and from the jungles of Peru to the heights of Machu Picchu. She’s been called the “Indiana Jones of the Soul.”

Aleta has combined her mastery of Eastern and Western practices to create her powerfully transformational Life Shift and healing experience. In private sessions, retreats and online workshops, Aleta has the ability to read what blocks are in her client’s physical, mental, emotional bodies and through channelled 5th and 7th dimension energy she facilitates their ability to let go of those negative imprints and belief systems in the cells of the body. Aleta then activates their ability to embody their 5th dimensional spiritual energy and be the creator of unlimited possibilities in their lives.

In Act 3 of her life, Aleta has turned her purpose and passion to activating the ageless factor in her life and transmitting her ability into the world. And just as naysayers told her that she couldn’t have twins at 57 and can’t live until 120 Aleta’s answer is “just watch me”. In being ahead of her time, Aleta now leads “Be Ageless” retreats in Cabo, Mexico and New York, along with on-line courses and private sessions transforming every aspect of life.

The success of Aleta’s work is illustrated in many testimonials acclaiming her ability to skyrocket her clients to the top of their professions, as well as creating extraordinary financial freedom, loving relationships, and manifesting successful pregnancies.

Aleta has long been an advocate of alternative and regenerative medicine. In the early 90s, Aleta was asked to lecture NYU medical students as part of Harvard’s mind, body and spirit initiative, which was inspired by the author Robert Bly; She is now an Affiliate Partner of the forthcoming Yale Mental Health & Spirituality Center. She also helped launch the Equinox wellness centers and created her ground breaking, sold out, class ‘Energy Transformations’. 

In addition, Aleta has presented at prestigious institutions such as Mount Sinai Medical Center, Fordham University, Hunter College, Canyon Ranch, and New York’s 92nd Street Y often being called upon as an intuitive Business Consultant and legal strategist. She also had a column in Men’s Health called “Ask Aleta” where she answered questions about relationships and sex. She lives in NYC with her miracle twins and is ready to launch into this next exciting level of her life.

About Aleta’s Practice

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