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About Aleta

Aleta St. James – Internationally Acclaimed Energy Healer and Life Coach

Shift your energy, shift your life with the transformative power and Life Shifting techniques of Aleta St. James, energy healer and intuitive life coach. 

Based in New York, NY, Aleta St. James uses her unique Life Shift healing system to harness the manifesting power of her clients to bring about fulfillment of their dreams, desires, and destinies.

Throughout her career spanning over four decades, Aleta has studied with the spiritual masters in the temples of southern India and central Brazil, the jungles of Peru, and the heights of Machu Picchu. She uses this knowledge to combine western and easter healing modalities to create extraordinary outcomes for her clients.

The success of her work is illustrated in many testimonials acclaiming her ability to aid her people reaching the top of their professions, as well as creating extraordinary financial freedom, loving relationships, and manifesting successful pregnancies.

This acclaim is due to her combined mastery of Eastern and Western practices that help her to create her groundbreaking Life Shift healing system, which has enabled her to give powerful and inspiring talks, and impact countless lives.
Her clients are people that are aspiring to truly create a life by design, with an intention to have what their hearts truly desire.

No matter what challenges you have experienced on your journey, she will help you keep on, keeping on by believing and trusting through the whole process; based on her own experience and success.

About Aleta’s Practice

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