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The excitement is building throughout New York City, the floats returned to the Macy’s Day parade, the storefronts are adorned, and windows everywhere you look are glistening with lights.

We have experienced the contractions, realignments, and in many cases, the amazing and unique opportunities that Covid brought to our lives. This season the restrictions have been lifted for many of you, and I’m sure you are thrilled about the freedom to connect with loved ones, share gifts and celebrations to come!

Many of you are now out and about rediscovering the joy of the holiday season with a new lens.

It is a hopeful time. December is a special month where you can take this opportunity to get ready for the following year.  Now it’s about integrating all the changes and personal insights we’ve been through, leaving behind old ideas, belief systems, and relationships that no longer serve us. It’s time to look ahead with the idea that 2022 can be a life-shifting year of new beginnings and exciting possibilities.

In private sessions with my clients, we have focused on letting go of the old and envisioning the new. As a way of opening opportunities, I create the kind of explorations that can cause what I term “life shifts” – a brand, new way of living. It is your time for magic and miracles to skyrocket your life forward. It’s time to manifest your deepest dreams, desires, and destiny.  This is the best gift you can give yourself this holiday season.

And you can start right now.

Take a moment now and quiet yourself. Imagine that you could have anything that you wanted. Sit with the images of how that would be for you. Really let it sink it.

Ask yourself if I could have anything I wanted:

  • Would I be in my current relationship? Or if unattached, would I find my true love?
  • What would my friends be like? Would I engage in the kinds of conversations that do?
  • Would I still remain close with the friends I have?
  • What would I be doing for work? Would I be following my current career path?
  • What would true financial freedom to do what I like to do be like?

You know the answers to these questions. The real question is are you willing to shift your life? A subconscious concept holds you in the stronghold of lack and scarcity in your perception of what you can have in your life. These impressions about yourself CAN and SHOULD be changed.

So, what’s really stopping you?

Your opportunities are opening.

To start the momentum of change, this holiday season here’s my impactful manifesting meditation called Stress Relief.   You will love this, it’s a winner!

Reach out and when you do, mention this note and get a special gift from me.

Happiest of holidays!