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“I admire Aleta St. James enormously. I have been inspired by both her story and her principles she teaches. Our work is aligned. I urge you to buy her book; it will change your life.”

— Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author

“Ever wonder how all those successful business moguls, mutli-tasking celebs, and other annoyingly fulfilled people got to where they are? We can’t say we’ve figured it all out, but we’ve definitely uncovered one of their success secrets: Aleta St. James.”

— Refinery 29

“Aleta is not only an incredible healer, an empowered woman, and a positive force of energy, but also our trusted mentor that has imprinted incredible gifts upon us. We are forever grateful and humbled for her shared wisdom and we can’t wait until our next session!”

— Fraser and Hope Walters

“As a result of Aleta’s vast knowledge of the creative arts combined with her energy healing I have been able to overcome insurmountable odds and become a multi-award-winning performer. Aleta, through her intuitiveness and positivity, has and continues to guide me through my personal, financial, and spiritual issues as well. Aleta is simply a Godsend.”

— T.S., Los Angeles, CA

“I felt like I was on the ledge with anxiety and worry. Aleta’s private session helped me shift the fear into power.

Everything is turning around, and I’m acting it!”

— Nicole P, Communications Director, NY

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