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Remote & In-Person Energy Healing Sessions with Aleta St. James

Remote & In-Person Energy Healing Sessions with Aleta St. James

“My life’s work for the past 35 plus years has been dedicated to help and cause people to manifest their life’s deepest dreams and desires. At a very early age I was blessed with the gift of insight and have studied and refined this vision over the years by combining eastern and western techniques while studying with spiritual masters and shamans around the world.”
“As a result, I am able to tap into the energy centers that represent the subconscious. These imprinted negative belief systems pretty much run 90% of our life choices. And what’s more is that we’re not even conscious of it. My work will help you unravel and disconnect from these patterns. Together, we can CLEAR your subconscious blocks, SHIFT your energy, and RECREATE what you want from your higher spiritual self.” —Aleta St. James

New York City Energy Healer – Aleta St. James

As a world-renowned energy healer, author and intuitive life coach, my practice spans a range of areas, including: attracting loving romantic and personal relationships, fertility, career advancement, financial freedom, finding and re-igniting life passions, agelessness, and more.

My clients are people that are aspiring to truly create a life by design, with an intention to have what their hearts truly desire.

By engaging me in a private session you will experience a shift in energy and life force that is often astounding. You will quickly replace low self-esteem and feelings of stagnation with a sense of enthusiasm for life’s possibilities. It’s not only a Life Shift, but it’s a life transformation where you actually experience your personal power to overcome any obstacle and level up for your future.

“I’m a high tech executive working in the Silicon Valley, and am constantly looking at ways to reinvent myself to keep an edge. I wanted to really power up to the next level of personal development. As a result of my private coaching and energy healing sessions with Aleta St. James, I have achieved professional advancement and recognition.”

— Mary J (California)

“Working with Aleta St. James I learned how to honor and respect myself. My negative self talk was running me. Shifting that and now operating based on self love, I feel calmer, happier and energized. My conversations are more authentic and clear. I am enthusiastic about my life and can’t wait to create even more miracles!”

— Meredith K (Maine)

Remote Energy Healing Available via Skype or Zoom.