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2022 is the Year of the Feminine!

Are you ready to open up to receiving and magnetically attracting all that you desire and DESERVE? Well…you should be! It’s your time!

I’m going to share one of the most powerful secrets that date as far back as the ancient mystery schools of Egypt; this will be your key to fulfilling your intentions and goals for all of 2022.

To accelerate your ability to manifest your intentions and goals in 2022 your subconscious and conscious mind must be in alignment and believe you are deserving to receive. A big part of it has to do with the concept of deserving, or as Louise Hay terms it, “deservability.” If at the deepest core of our being, we don’t feel we deserve to have what we wish for, that belief will block those things from coming into our lives.

You might say, “Aleta, I wholeheartedly believe I deserve these intentions and goals 100%”

If you find that things are not being realized as you had intended, you may need to look further to see if your subconscious programming feels deserving to receive. You might find no matter how many affirmations and meditations you do, you continue to fall short of your intentions and goals or achieve them and then lose them.

In my private sessions, I access my intuitive ability to scan into your subconscious and see where your blocks are. Then I channel healing energy to help you release, clear, and shift your blocks. I will then transmit higher spiritual energy through light frequencies to help you to connect to your “I am” consciousness. This accelerates your ability to create and manifest your intentions, which puts you in alignment to make you a powerful creator and manifestor in your life.

My clients, over the years, have manifested loving relationships, successful pregnancies, expansion in their career goals, and extraordinary financial gains.

You can too by amping up your ability to receive what you deserve.

Please don’t lose faith, there is the “Aleta Factor”! I can help you discover what is in your subconscious cellular imprint that is stopping you from the life you DESERVE and desire.