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More and more recently, it seems like people are expressing their emotional state of being as stressed. The medical profession even labels many people’s physical and medical symptoms as being stress induced. I am sure many of you have gone in for a check up or specific problem you may be having, and one of the first things the doctor says is “It’s probably stress.”

Granted, there is a lot going on right now, but even without COVID, there is an emotional pandemic — and that is “stress.” The first thing many of my clients, of all ages, say to me is “I am stressed.” And this is because we live in a fast forward world that is challenging to our brains and we were simply not made to process information this quickly.

Our nervous systems are not crafted to handle the quick pace of communication that technology has afforded us. While it has a very positive effect on productivity and there are many benefits, it is burning everyone out.

As soon as we get a text message, we answer it.

As soon as we see a notification on our phones, our attention goes there.

Before, questions would come through fax or answering machines and you’d be lucky to get a call or response the next day!

Amidst all the stress in the world, many people ask me, “You have a ton going on and like you, I want to move through my day, powerfully, with a calm elegance. How do you manage stress?” I tell them: I shift energy.

What does that mean?

That means that I use my life shifting system to train myself to stay in the power of now, and to let go of the past.

When there are obstacles and challenges that come up, I feel the stress for a short period of time and then I release that tension, by taking a minute to breathe. In doing so, I immediately can shift it into creative possibilities.

This is the key.

You simply have to gently stay in the present moment and release the experiences that might have been triggering in the past. After being calm and centered, and breathing into the present moment, then I am able to create what I want as a result by holding on to those visions and not allowing myself to worry about the future. In my energy work and life coaching sessions, I support my clients and teach them how to do this for themselves. It is easy and simple, and the results are astoundingly powerful.

What throws most people off is that there are subconscious blocks that get triggered when we are faced with financial setbacks, relationship disappointments, challenges with children or fear of the future. In my work, I help my clients release those imprinted negative blocks, clear them, and then we recreate what they want, not what they don’t want.

It’s important that they work at this until it becomes second nature, that’s how they function at a higher level. It helps create an alignment and energy that begins a positive momentum. And it happens fast. It’s not that you must deny what you are feeling and pretend everything is rosey, but instead, you drop into it, feel what fear is causing the anxiety and stress, then use my techniques to bring in your higher spiritual energy.

It is amazing how many people have stopped identifying themselves as “stressed” after working with me and how they move into confident and productive feelings. It’s like going to the spiritual gym.

Can you imagine what your self confidence and productivity could be if you hired a “personal trainer” to revitalize your energy and enthusiasm for living an inspired, joyful life?

Can you imagine if we all just didn’t accept stress as a label of our personal brand? Instead we can make our brand one that depicts creative possibilities and opportunities for change!

Let’s work together and get that kind of movement going — by being more vibrant and energized you can create endless possibilities and create a life by design, not default.