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If you are like many people across the globe you might be experiencing the PTSD of the lock down the thought of going through another surge of covid-19 with massive shut downs of schools, restaurants, stores and public places can be causing you to feel anxiety and a sense of depression with no end in sight.

I’m here to tell you the circumstances on the outside don’t have to dictate the outcome of your life. You can shift out of this.

You might be asking yourself: Can I ever realize my dreams of a loving relationship, financial freedom and exciting career with all these set backs and obstacles?


My clients including myself are rising, thriving and reinventing their lives. As a master energy healer and intuitive life coach I am empowering them with my healing energy transmissions, powerful mediations and my life shift tool kit to create the power of manifestation from a spiritual place that defies what is going on around them.

Here are a few steps you can take to shift your anxiety and depression of uncertainty into creating a vision with unlimited possibilities.

This is a power tool I have created in my work called CLEAR, SHIFT and RECREATE that you can practice immediately

Imagine an orange orb of light 6 inches above your head
Take a deep breath in through your nose
As you breath in feel the rays of the orange light coming in through the top of your head into your heart center (heart chakra) which is located in between your breast
exhale through your mouth letting go of any tensions
do this three times.

Ask yourself what am I really afraid of?
Listen to the answer
Breath into that feeling
hold it to the count of five
then exhale into a gold light a foot away from your heart center and say
“I release this negative feeling into the light”
When the negative feeling turns neutral you’ve shifted

Now take your focus back to the orange orb of light 6 inches above your head
think of something that makes you happy
imagine your life the way you wish it would be as if it already happened
feel that good feeling
The more you feel this feeling of accomplishment, happiness and success the more you will create this in your life

To further support you in overcoming your pandemic fatigue check out my youtube channel for many free meditations.

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