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Magnetically Attract all the love and support you deserve

“my work with Aleta has been miraculous. As a result I’ve overcome great obstacles in my life, gotten over hurdles I could never have imagined, and continue to thrive!”

I lead a very fast paced life. I have teenage twins, a flourishing practice in the middle of New York City, I’m handling Covid and being a single mom homeschooling part time, and that’s just the beginning. What keeps me energized at 73, is that I use higher spiritual energy to fuel my life. Through Covid, the clients that have come to me are rising and thriving and I want to share with you the energy secrets that will shift you into this way of being, this higher consciousness that will fuel your life. This work is affective no matter what you are facing.

In this workshop we will:
-You can experience having a personal one on one session with me, even in the group environment. I have the ability to lift your blocks in your physical emotional and mental bodies that stop you from connecting with your spiritual body and higher self. For many this has been a profound personal experience
– Once we clear your blocks i will help you shift into a heart scentered state of consciousness fueled by appreciation and gratitude.
– The magic of this Life Shifting process I have created is that you will experience moving into the quantum field, or as I have coined it, the field of love, you can experience the light here and understand the grand meaning of appreciation for the abundance in your day to day life.
– From this field you create miracles and unlock unlimited potential. This is not a mental concept, it is an experiential quantum shift.
– The goal of this workshop is to have tools and an experience of energy transference allowing you to live in the light of appreciation and gratitude every day of your life.

I love these workshops because there is a tremendous power channeling through me due to the group energy. I hope you will join me and experience a Life Shift that will take you to the next level on your journey.