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We are faced with these unprecedented times in our country where our democracy is being violently threatened. Many of us are looking at the news in disbelief that our capitol could actually be sieged and ransacked. The most important thing during times of turmoil and disbelief is to keep holding your vision of the highest positive outcome, but also be proactive, no matter what side you’re on.
The quakers say “God will put you in a direction you just have to move your feet.” This is true in terms of what’s happening in the world but also what is happening in each and all of our lives going into 2021. Many of you have set your goals for what you want to achieve ~New Year, New you~ for many of my clients who are on my very powerful 2021 New Year Intentions program and have set the tone for their future. However, like what is happening in our world today there will be times when we are challenged to keep on keeping on, to stay on your healthful diet and exercise program, to continue believing that you can achieve your goals and intentions in 2021. What is the key? The key is resilience through self love!
Our first question then begins, what are the 5 things that stop us from loving ourselves?

Internalized Critical Parental Voice           

                      Unconditional love for your inner child 

Joining the Chatroom of discontent 

                       Engage your dream team of support only 

Letting the internal victim take over  

                       Find the opportunity in each challenge  

Scarcity consciousness  

                       Connect to your higher self  

Perfectionist Ideology 

                       Dare to fail and rise another day 

Work with these five challenges and Life Shift keys by shifting from contracted thinking to manifesting and creating in your own life. In my work I dive into the subconscious imprints that create these belief systems. They are important to understand so that I can help my clients to clear, shift and recreate their future by working with the physical and emotional bodies so that their higher spiritual self, source energy connects with their mind and heart.