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Thanksgiving 2020

Living through the uncertainty of Covid and the recent election, I’m sure many of you are feeling the roller coaster of emotions, and some of you could be filled with uncertainty and fear for the future. People have been reaching out to me regarding overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression. And it’s understandable — these times have pushed us to our collective limits, on many fronts.
In my energy healing practice what I have found, in my life and in the lives of many I have worked with, is that uncertainty causes insecurity; whether it is financial challenges, careers, relationships, or the future of our children. When we are in these types of situations, we tend to see the cup half empty instead of half full.
And you know what, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact in a matter of minutes, using five simple steps you can breakthrough and lighten up, literally.

Appreciation or Anxiety

In my book, I teach about the techniques for shifting these emotional conditions;

“When you acknowledge that your spiritual body is there and open, your physical, emotional, and mental bodies will be able to receive its love.”

It is not complicated at all — Appreciation and gratitude are the foundation to create emotional shifts to accelerate good feelings and ignite your light within.

Everyone has a different experience with spiritual energy and connecting to the divine. We get there by different pathways — we call on the Universe, the God of our understanding, “beings of light,” or guardian angels and saints to help us tap in, and create miracles.

In science this energy is called the quantum field, or as I refer to it in my book, “the field of love” — this is where any and all things are possible.

Shift the energy UP

When you are in an emotional state of appreciation and gratitude for what you’ve been given, the miraculous opens up. You become aligned and instantly can shift right into this uplifting energy.

  1. Begin by taking inventory of things that you are personally grateful for and appreciate.
  2. Start this inventory by saying “isn’t it great that I have…” so things like, “isn’t it great that I have a lucrative income, excellent health, half and half in the refrigerator when I need it ….”
  3. Write these things down and make a list. Review these items. Do not minimize the abundance that you have in the form of a home, food, family support, and friends.
  4. Begin to notice how your perspective and feelings shift into happiness and feelings of joy for being alive when you acknowledge your blessings.
  5. Prayer is a channel to unify your intention with the spirit world. This very powerful prayer from my mentor and teacher Connie Newton, has created miracles in people’s lives. The prayer is: “I am the light, the light is within me, the light moves throughout me, the light surrounds the, light protects me, I am the light.”

Repeat this mantra throughout your day while thinking of something that you appreciate and feel grateful for.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me and we can book a session to help you along.