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Dreams, Desires, And Destiny Fulfilled

In this transformative series, Aleta will awaken your inner power to manifest your deepest dreams, desires, and destiny through her acclaimed healing transmissions that come through the power of her voice . She has learned from spiritual masters throughout the world, from the jungles of Peru, to the ancient temples in Souther India. Aleta has mastered both Eastern and Western techniques and has amassed the secrets of shifting your limited belief systems in your subconscious, and transforming them at a cellular level to living a powerful, positive, and self-affirming life, and become a super manifester.

If your deepest desire is to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship, create financial freedom and an amazing career, or perhaps to get married and have a family, this intensive is for you. This series is a powerful companion to her private sessions, and has helped countless people achieve their deepest dreams, desires, and destiny.

Aleta’s deepest desire was to have children, and at 57, she gave birth to her miracle twins. She believes that there is no such thing as an impossible dream. This series was created so that you, too, can have the life that you desire and deserve.

Part One 

Aleta focuses on the “I am” or God consciousness, which is imperative for you to connect with order to create the freedom you need to visualize your life from a higher perspective. You will feel a flow of love and gratitude from your higher spiritual self, to its physical creation: you. This consciousness allows you to live as a super being if manifestation. Ask and it shall be given!

This section contains an extended version, and a quick shift.

Part Two

In her best selling book Life Shift, Aleta talks about the four bodies that we all have: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, and how they all need to interact with each other and be in perfect alignment in order to accelerate your ability to become a super manifester.

Aleta’s powerful healing voice guides you through your four bodies: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Healing transmissions come through the power fo her voice to release blocks in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies on a deep cellular level, so that you can vibrate at the high frequency of your higher spiritual self, which awakens your super-manifester within.

Aleta dives deep into your , and guides your through and assessment of your belief systems and where you’re holding onto blocks. She moves feelings of fear, pain, and anger into a state of love that elevates you to a higher sense of consciousness.

As a bonus, Aleta has recorded a separate 528Htz resonance track which help you experience an amazing feeling of unconditional love towards yourself, and as a result, towards others.

Part two also includes a quick shift meditation.

Part Three

Parts one and two open you up to your new existence, and in part three, Aleta will guide you into connecting to a sense of self-acceptance and self-love.

Aleta shifts you into the field of love where there is no limitation. Her healing voice helps you sky rocket your manifesting abilities.

Aleta gives you powerful mantras to help you with renewal and rebirth into your new existence so that you can step into the final phase of transformation in part 4.

Part Four

Another major key to manifesting pivots on being connected to your purpose and destiny. At times, life becomes very challenging, and we seem to lose track of your purpose in live, let alone your destiny. In this last meditation, Aleta will quick shift you into an energy of resilience, excitement, and wonderment as to who you are, and why you’re here. You will feel doors begin to open to your unlimited potential and possibility to fulfill your personal purpose and destiny, as well as your global contribution to mankind.  This is an exciting capstone to one of Aleta’s most successful and sought after intensives.