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Divine Feminine Volume 3

The three part Divine Feminine meditation series opens you to self-forgiveness, deservedness, and receiving support. We often feel that we have to diminish our strength in order to receive loving feminine energy, but the opposite is true- revving up your magnetic feminine energy is essential in order to receive the alpha dynamic energy and work in harmony with it.

In Volume 3 of the Divine Feminine trilogy, Aleta moves you into a sense of community to receive support from like-minded individuals vibrating at the same frequency. She helps peel back layers of self-doubt and move past limitations that put you in a state of fear, and transforms them to love. Aleta guides you through letting go of hard work, and moving into magic and miracles. She helps you transform obstacles into opportunities, and discouragement into empowerment.

This meditation also comes with a toning session, which helps reinforce part three with healing affirmations and mantras.