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Divine Feminine Volume 2

The three part Divine Feminine meditation series opens you to self-forgiveness, deservedness, and receiving support. We often feel that we have to diminish our strength in order to receive loving feminine energy, but the opposite is true- revving up your magnetic feminine energy is essential in order to receive the alpha dynamic energy and work in harmony with it.

In Volume 2, Aleta opens you up to the sense of void, where all things are possible, allowing you to move into inspiration and creativity. Color immersion and breath work will guild you to a place of serenity, allowing Aleta’s healing voice to soothe you and open you up to receiving. Aleta guides you to let go of an addiction to struggle and let go of personal negative story, and shift to an attitude of gratitude.

This meditation also comes with a toning session, which helps reinforce parts one and two and clear deep-rooted belief systems that hinder you from shifting your energy. The healing vibrations help align you with divine feminine.