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A Journey to Self Love

During this hour and a half transformational workshop you will experience a shift in your energy through my healing transference that will activate you and accelerate your connection to your divine heart and amplify your self love.


Whether you’ve been on your spiritual quest for a while or you’re a beginner, I will accelerate your ability to go to your next level of feeling self love. I will open up a doorway for you to connect to your soul energy/ highest spiritual self, that is the key for you to experience lasting change. I will activate your mind-heart connection that can help you attract the most amazing relationships, loving and supportive friendships and community, financial freedom and fantastic creative careers living with excitement of self love.

What you get from these amazing workshops:

  • A healing transference- helping you to lift your subconscious resistances to accepting your self love.
  • Emotional release work- helping you to let go of your internalized critical voice. I do this through sound therapy utilizing multiple modalities including ancient tibetan bells, chimes from Bali, and my renowned drum vibration; playing for you to release and let go of what is holding you back from manifesting your best life.
  • Color immersion- this will allow you to begin to vibrate and accept the positive magnificence of yourself.
  • Taking you into the vortex- the field of love which through your imagination locks in the wonderful present and future outcomes you desire and deserve in your life, as if they’ve already happened.

Sign up here: Space is limited reserve your spot for $50.00