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THE LIONS GATE – Tap Into The Calendars Most Powerful Energy Source

One of Aleta’s most popular classic meditations! Aug. 8 is a tremendously powerful day on the planet. Today, you can tap into one of the calendar’s most powerful energy portals – The Lion’s Gate – which reaches its peak opening on Sunday, Aug. 8th 2021.

In 2021, the New Moon in Leo (also on Aug. 8) is a turbulent one, which means you need to be ready to expect the unexpected. This is the perfect time to work with this powerful Lion’s Gate meditation, to hold your highest visions, no matter what come comes your way.

So I’m offering a specially discounted offer, to tap into the power of this special Lion’s Gate energy meditation, which allow you to access one of the planet’s most potent and mysterious portals of energy in the Universe!

You can continue to take advantage of this dynamic vortex for several weeks, and SuperCharge your ability to manifest intentions and transform negative energy.