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The Lions Gate Trilogy

The Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th is the most magnificent gateway to higher consciousness, making it the most potent manifesting time of the year. We are truly entering into an accelerated time of transformation and ascension.

Aleta St.James created a trilogy of meditations using her signature “Life-Shift Tool Kit.” This trilogy will immerse you in channeled light frequencies, sacred toning, vibrational drumming, power mantras, and prayers to help you achieve your highest manifesting level for your dreams, desires, and destiny.
As a master energy healer, Aleta will transmit healing energies from the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza channeling the highest ancient healing frequencies that were generated when the 2540 BC pyramids were built. These frequencies will super-charge and activate your ability to be a powerful manifester and creator no matter what’s happening in your life.
The Lions Gate Experience Part 1
In this first meditation of the powerful Lions Gate Trilogy, Aleta will teleport you into the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid. She will bring in the Royal Blue Star of Sirius, activating high vibrational frequencies of light sound and color as she guides you through all your chakra centers.
In this meditation, Aleta helps you connect to your inner masculine energy “yang” and your inner feminine energy “yin.” These energies will activate your connection with your highest spiritual self. You will experience a powerful feeling of unconditional love and support from the universe and all there is.
As you reach the apex of the meditation, you immerse in a sound healing chant sung by Aleta St.James that will further lift your DNA and energize you to become a super being, creator, and manifestor.
The Lions Gate Experience Part 2
In the second meditation, Aleta calls upon a platinum gold orb of light that will permeate every cell of your body and activate your ability to let go of the way you think things should be and open up to the magic mystery of universal support.
Aleta will call upon guardian angels, guides, and beings of light to support your abilities to manifest and create your highest potential in ways you cannot even imagine. This vibrational shift is a vital key for you to master the integration of your highest spiritual self with its physical creation, “YOU.” *This is referred to as the “I am” consciousness*
The Lions Gate Experience Part 3
In this final meditation, Aleta awakens a deep sense of your PASSION and PURPOSE that keeps you energized every day of your life. Aleta will guide you through a deep cellular release process using the gold triangle’s light frequency with a violet orb in its center.
You will shift feelings of fear, failure, and regrets from the past into positive, affirming life force energy that will keep you young and energized with a sense of winding up, not down. You will connect to the realm of ageless consciousness!
**You can also purchase each part of the Lion’s Gate Trilogy separately in the shop under “Meditations.”**