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Life Shift Package

Aleta created this package to fast track you to manifesting your desires.

The Life Shift package is designed to help you heighten your vibrational energy and create a powerful shift in order to create happy, successful experiences, and manifest your dreams. This package contains four meditations that you can use daily to balance your energies and reinforce new, positive belief systems. The more you work with this program, the more success you will have in manifesting your desires.

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Included in this package:

Chakra Balance

Created for the Equinox Wellness Program, and Aleta’s #1 best selling meditation.

Be more powerful and effective at work, improve your personal relationships, unlock your creativity, and heighten sexual performance!

This energizing, active 15 minute transformative meditation connects your spiritual body with your physical body. A combination of breath, light work, and affirmations shift energy in your chakras and put you in your highest level of manifestation. This meditation allows you to access the power of your chakras to create what you desire and deserve.

Aleta’s healing transmission comes through her voice and the healing music, and accelerates your ability to shift. This is great to do every day so you can live in your greatest place of power.

Chakra Power Chants

Created in tandem with Chakra Balance for the Equinox Wellness program.

If you’re looking for a powerful breakthrough chant, this meditation is for you.

Aleta created Power Chants to clear and empower energy with music and ancient mantras related to each specific chakra. You join in as Aleta leads you in reciting these sacred sounds to help break through blocks and empower the unique energy of each chakra to resonate to its highest potential.

As you reinforce the positive vibration within each chakra center, you will reprogram your DNA to create new and positive beliefs systems. By doing this energy workout regularly, the more you will amplify the ability of the chakras to support you in manifesting deeper joy, fulfillment and success in life.

Inner Balance

Balance your Masculine and Feminine energies.

Do you find that you’re giving more than you’re receiving? If you’ve had trouble forming strong personal and romantic relationships, it’s probably because of an inner imbalance between your yin and yang- your masculine and feminine energies. Your relationship with yourself reflects what you attract and experience in the outside world.

Aleta’s powerful guided meditation will create harmony between the highest aspects of your feminine and masculine energies so that they support each other to create an empowering internal relationship of unconditional self love.

This meditation will restore your balance in giving and receiving energies, and help you attract positive experiences and people into your life.

Inner Passage

Enter the state of Alpha.

Do you, like everyone else, have difficulty quieting and focusing the mind during meditation? Aleta created Inner Passage specifically to fast track you to the meditative state of Alpha.

Within each of us lies a place of serenity— a place we all long to experience in order to renew and recharge. In this high vibrational meditation, Aleta sings a powerful chant focusing on her third eye- the source of spiritual intuition.

In the Alpha state, you will feel open and relaxed, which allows you to focus on manifesting your desires as if they’ve already happened.

Inner Passage has been played to help calm agitated children and animals, as well as used in operating rooms.