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‘Be Ageless’ Retreat

Aleta St. James Invites you to her Groundbreaking ‘Be Ageless’ Retreat

Coming Soon-  May 2024 Cabo Retreat – Dates TBA


“I will activate within you the regenerative energy of being ageless. I will share with you my insider secrets to the phenomenon of winding up, and not down.”

“I’m living a new life after Aleta’s retreat. I’ve never felt more on track with my purpose. My career has taken off, and I even manifested my soul mate. She’s magic!” – R. Cristman, San Fransisco

In this extraordinary, 7-day experiential retreat, world-renowned energy healer Aleta St. James channels the soul light energy and highest frequencies of the 5th dimension. She share’s her incredible intuitive abilities to identify and release your deepest emotional, mental, and physical blocks.

Aleta is a living example of embodying agelessness, living a life full of love, joy and abundance on all levels. Through her unique guided breath work, intuitive readings, healing energy transmissions, and emotional release work Aleta will activate your ability to connect your mental, emotional and physical bodies to be in coherence with your higher spiritual self. 


In this 5th dimensional consciousness you will actualize your deepest dreams and desires with effortless effort. You will live with passion and purpose,  attract relationships that vibrate on a soul level and ignite your sexual energy, breaking the identity and stigma of aging. 

This extraordinary transformational experience will be held amidst the incredible 5th Dimensional Manifesting Vortex within El Ganzo Hotel Cabo, Mexico. Aleta discovered this powerful oasis where you will be immersed in art, music, and natural beauty to create a spiritual sense of love and unlimited possibility. 

What else to expect at the Be Ageless Retreat…

Cacao Ceremony: Unleash the Magic within You Discover the enchantment of a Cacao Ceremony, a sacred ritual derived from ancient Mayan and Aztec traditions. Immerse yourself in the mystical properties of raw cacao as it opens your heart, connects you with your inner self, and brings a sense of joy and bliss.

Full Moon Ceremony: Embrace the Celestial Harmony In the glow of the full moon, we gather to honor the profound significance of this celestial event. Under the moonlit sky, you will participate in guided meditations, rituals, and dances, connecting with the energies of the universe and aligning with your inner wisdom.

Art Walk: Nourish Your Creativity Awaken your artistic spirit during our Art Walk, a celebration of creativity and self-expression. Stroll through the charming streets of Los Cabos, adorned with vibrant artwork and galleries, and immerse yourself in the local art scene. Engage in workshops and activities designed to unleash your creative potential, allowing your imagination to flow freely in this enchanting setting.

Daily Itinerary 

7:00 AM | Breakfast

9:00 AM | Energy Transformational work with Aleta

1:00 PM | Lunch

2:00 PM | Free time and Wellness

  • Book a time with regenerative medicine expert Dr. Morales
  • Book a spa treatment to further relax and rejuvenate
  • Explore local attractions or simply relax by the pool or beach with a book

6:00 PM | Dinner

7:30 PM | Evening Healing Experience (will shift on a daily basis) including:

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Full Moon 5th dimensional activation on the beach
  • Sound Bath

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